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Hot Rolled bands and sheets are primarily low carbon steels that are produced on a Hot Strip Mill from direct roll that have been thoroughly heated to a rolling temperature of approximately 1120°C. Direct rolling through CCM at this temperature accomplishes a number of necessary end results, which include, surface scaling for minor surface defectiveness removal, softening of the steel so it can be hot rolled, at the end stage of the rolling process.
After departing the reheat furnace, the slab enters a high pressure water spray descaling unit then is subjected to a series of 2 "roughing stands" that successively reduce the thickness. As the slab becomes thinner and longer by the horizontal rolls in the roughing train, the slab edges are also squeezed by vertical rolls in order to control width. Upon exiting the last stand of the roughing train, the slab ends are sheared so a rectangular shape or "transfer bar" enters the 6 finishing stands that further reduce the thickness of the transfer bar to the final hot rolled sheet gauge desired.

   Direct Rolling (only in TSUL) from CCM at the temprature of 1120*c
   2 Roughing stand & 6 Continouos stand.
   Capacity to produce various length & thikness Coil.
   5 Tube Mill, installed by ROLL FORM Company, India, equiped with latest German Technology
   Capacity to produce various Cross section Hollow Section, Round Bars and Lovuers.

TSUL Strip and tube products are suitable for a wide range of applications such as : -

   Building Structures
   General purpose structures
   Highly strength Structure

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