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With the aim of manufacturing products at the most efficient costs and reduced impact on environment and society, we have pioneered on bringing ground-breaking technologies for the first time in Uganda and also innovative initiatives including enhanced operational efficiencies, greater cost optimization and new product applications.
Some other innovations are:-
   Use of local raw materials for use in iron-making
   Use of furnace gas as replacement for Fuel Oil (FO) / Light Diesel Oil (LDO)
   Product innovations such as those for use of light gauge steel for infrastructure, steel rails for high speed trains, suspended concrete flooring system
We are also focussed on utilizing our waste by:-
    Reducing the waste generation by developing more efficient systems,
    Developing and promoting use of waste through new applications such as road
   Municipal solid waste processing to usable forms such as methane etc.

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TSUL products are strengthened by the resilience of innovation that enables the peculiarity of being a pioneer. Customisation is at the core of all our product development and our global technology brilliance ensures the best in class offerings for the valued customers.                         >> Read More

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