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TSUL’s corporate control beliefs is derived from its values and ethical conduct. TSUL believes that corporate governance and ethics are overlying features and cannot be seen in isolation. The Code of Conduct, details code structure, which governs our principles as employees, managers and business associates. TSUL has made significant progress in the direction to well defined decision making structures.

TSUL Board Committees

In order to complement corporate governance at a functional level, we have an integrated Strategic and Operational Governance structure.

   Audit Committee

   Remuneration Committee

   Health, Safety, Environment and CSR Committee

   Governance and Business Ethics Committee

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Product Overview

TSUL products are strengthened by the resilience of innovation that enables the peculiarity of being a pioneer. Customisation is at the core of all our product development and our global technology brilliance ensures the best in class offerings for the valued customers.                         >> Read More

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