Our experienced engineers and staff continuously engage themselves in research activities. It helps them understand market dynamics and in designing a more competent range of products.

Some of the premium quality steel products we offer to our clients are Bars, Wire Rods, Flats, Z Angles, T Angles, V Angles, Round/Square/Rectangular Tubes and Open Sections.

Tembo Steels is an ISO 9001:2000 compliant company following strict quality assurance procedures and industry-standard best practices at every stage of our manufacturing process.

Ribbed/Twisted/Round/Square Steel Bars:

Available in desired lengths (Standard length is 12m)

Re-Bars Wt/Pc in Kg
7mm 3.600
8mm 5.000
10mm 7.404
12mm 10.656
16mm 18.860
20mm 30.000
25mm 47.400
32mm 75.720
40mm 118.320
50mm 152.000

Z & T Angles

High quality Z angles are available in desired lengths (Standard length is 6m)

Hot Rolled V and Z Angles Wt/Pc in Kg
T Angle 20x3mm 6.00
T Angle 25x3mm 6.50
Z Angle 20x3mm 6.50
Z Angle 25x3mm 7.50

Flat Iron Bars

Available in desired length and size (Standard Length is 6m)

Flat Bars Wt/Pc in Kg
Flats 20x3mm 2.60
Flats 25x3mm 3.50
Flats 40x3mm 5.50
Flats 50x3mm 6.80
Flats 60x3mm 8.20
Flats 70x3mm 9.50

Hot Rolled V-Angles

Hot Rolled V-Angles can be produced in desired length and thickness (Standard length is 6m)

Hot Rolled V-Angles Wt/Pc in Kg
Angle 25x25x2.5mm 6.10
Angle 30x30x2.5mm 6.50
Angle 40x40x2.5mm 9.30
Angle 40x40x4mm 13.80
Angle 40x40x6mm 15.70
Angle 50x50x3mm 13.25
Angle 50x50x4mm 18.00
Angle 50x50x6mm 26.00
Angle 63x63x6mm 34.00
Angle 75x75x6mm 41.00

Electro-welded hollow sections

Hollow sections 1.2mm Wt/Pc in Kg
HS 16x16mm 3.50
HS 20x20mm 4.26
HS 25x25mm 5.40
HS 30x30mm 7.38
HS 40x40mm 8.76
HS 50x50mm 10.6
HS 30x20mm 5.4
HS 40x25mm 7.38
HS 50x25mm 8.76
HS 60x40mm 10.6
HS 20 3.50
HS 25 4.20
HS 32 5.50
HS 42 7.40
HS 50 8.76
HS 63 10.60